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Jenny Hutchinson creating a botanical artwork

Artist Statement

My artwork draws inspiration from the beauty I find in nature and surrounding environment.  The artworks mimic an interplay of the encounters and observations I make of the world and it’s many colorful forms as they appear and change over time.  

Each piece, no matter the subject, is an exploration of cause and effect, investigating the medium and act of creation. The materials direct an empirical narrative utilizing line, shape, and color to create a dynamic representation of the object or scene from life. 


Natural imagery allows both recognizable and ambiguous shapes to emerge as part of an interlocking puzzle. Abstract color invites moments of harmony and dissonance, which enhances both real and imagined instances of texture and shape, while tiered layering reintroduces the depth and movement of the original object or scene.

Each work invites the viewer along the creative journey of my experience as an artist to explore both form and material with curiosity and interest. The finished works are representative of the beauty I find in the natural, yet shifting world.


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