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Joining the age of technology


As part of Generation Y and being a young adult in the age of technology, I generally get lumped in with the very idea that I use and access technology easily. In many ways this is true because with some time I can pick up just about anything I may not know how to do, however admittedly I am not one to seek or consume my time with 'techy' things. 


I often explain I've spent most of my life refining an artform that dates back to the prehistoric age- therefore while I may use technology more easily than others, I'd much rather pick up a paint brush or pencil to pass the time with.


My reasoning in explaining all this is because this website has taken me 3 years to build...it's taken three years because each time I've had a chance to build it I instead choose to spend my time otherwise- creating artwork, prepwork for my classes I teach, time with family/friends, and/or seeking rest as a form of inspiration.


I have to fess up and say I enjoy my smartphone and spend a majority of my work day thinking about how technology can improve my life and others so maybe that is also why at the end of the work day I aspire to be present without a screen in my face.


My significant other, Ben, avidly encourages me to reach out and access the power of the internet- he is without a doubt the 'techy' person in my life and takes every opportunity to share his excitment with me over the latest. I am fortunate to have someone who will not allow me to live under the rock I can so easily gravitate towards.


So, without further ado welcome to my webpage, my artworks, and (should I merit your time to read my blog) my thoughts. I look forward to sharing my creativity, inspirations, and ideas with you.





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