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No rest for the avid adventurer

It is the first quiet morning in a while and the first morning since I am not sure when that I slept past 8am. I've been running myself a bit ragged but in the most wonderful ways.

It somewhat began with a wonderful workshop I attended last week in Troy. I met some amazing ladies, that like me, have the task of coordinating wonderful creative programming and do. One item that has stuck with me from this workshop is the stereotypes we assign our living generations and this constant need to separate individuals by age. In many ways I understand why we do this because there are just some things that different ages are able to do that others cannot or need more time with. However, when it comes to creative activities I cannot help but feel like creativity really has no age definitions.

I feel this way because our creativity taps into such basic human senses- the ability to touch, feel, see, hear and hello!?!? Are these senses not an ability in some form at every age? So why are we so divided or does it makes sense to be? I say this because I always found the greatest connection my students could make aside from their artwork was also too each other. So...I've shifted my perspective slightly and realized how very much I have always perhaps embraced this thinking. I have always I believed art is for everybody and it stems from this basic premise that I think everyone is capable despite their age and we have so much to learn from each other.

I also found a beautiful succulent and terrarium plant shop- it was so beautiful in there, I have no idea how you would even work there, I would just stare at the plants all day. As I do with my own plants now. I (sometimes obsessively) watch how they change and grow. If a plant sold, I'd be both sad and happy to see the little plants go. Despite having so many plants, I couldn't peel my eyes from these air plants, how fascinating...they created the most beautiful shapes. As I turned them with my fingers, their shapes shifted like mini-sculptures, their delicate tones of color changing with the light and shadow. It was a hard choice but I settled on two and brought them home.

That evening and actually also last evening Ben and I visited the Egg to see some of our most favorite performers. Last week Rodrigo and Gabriela and last night Tallest Man on Earth, what artists...these people just breathe their music. Both performances were absolutely beautiful. I see their connection to their music and I just get it because I know what it is like to be in love with an art form. These musicians are also incredibly gifted at sharing their art form with others. Though I know they must have worked unimaginably hard at this, this talent to share is rooted from their passion and revealed by their hearts by simply existing with it, they seem to sacrifice in a way. In short, both performances were incredibly moving, if you are not familiar, I highly suggest seeking YouTube.

Last Friday night, we went to Pharoah Lake for the weekend and I think the words here are intoxicating, richly beautiful, and quiet. The quiet is what I lost myself in. I find so much solace in being so far removed. I can sit, observe, and listen to the lake for hours. It is so very quiet minus its many local residents who choose to vocalize their presence often. As the day evolves so does the look and color of the lake.

I get up very early on these mornings because the sunrise is my favorite. I make myself coffee and sit at the lake's edge and watch everything wake up. This is the quietest part of the day, night life has given in to rest and day life is gently stirring, moving slowly to prepare for the longevity of the day. The first morning we were there, the heat of the water cause a fog over the entire lake and I watched slowly lift. The fog created a blended barrier between the deep greens of the trees with the blues of the lake and the soft pinky oranges with the light blueish grays of the sky. I just watched and breathed...

Around my work schedule- I have been busy in the studio, working on finishing up a painting and I have been doing a lot of planning for a brand new piece. Both projects are slightly is a commission work that I have revealed pieces of here and there and the other I'll reveal a bit more as it starts to become fully formed. I never really like to talk too much about works as they are developing, which is why I've been documenting the process but very little has made it onto the social media feeds.

I will say it involves me learning to use hand tools because it is quite large and I love it! I should have known that I would enjoy working with tools and cutting wood because I've been around it my whole life. My hands are little sore but I did feel a certain powerful connection to that jigsaw, once I got comfortable with it in my hand, I felt like I had always worked that way. It just clicked, I still have room for improvement but I am really excited and moving so far in a great direction.

Lastly yesterday I went kayaking with Ben and his parents to an amazingly beautiful spot on Raquette Lake. Kayaking never ceases to amaze me. The light was perfect yesterday, the clouds perfectly patterned the sky and water with their irregular forms and the blues and greens of the landscape revealed a full spectrum of hues.

The hues brought to mind one of my favorite all time podcasts- Radiolab's “Colors”. One of the things described is how ancient languages did not have the word blue because it is mostly absent from nature with the exception of the sky so the sky was not called blue it just was and I kind of like thinking about the sky in that way. The next thing that kept me captivated was the wind and the different textures it revealed across the surface. One moment the water would be still, creating curvy watery shapes of colors and mirror reflections of trees and mountains, and the next the wind would skirt across the surface creating this endless layered ripple. The pattern seemed consistent and perfect. It reminded me of broken edges of slate or shale.

Finally, today I wake up after 8am with no direction, no plan, no adventure set for the day and I am really excited about that. Sometimes not knowing is good and having the independence to do what you want, is what our nation's birthday is all about and for that I am forever grateful.

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