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Another Step Forward

Well another month has passed and I already did not keep up with my weekly blog post but it actually occurred with quite a bit of thought. I suffered from a bit of a (posting) block because everything I wrote was important to say but nothing seemed like the next blog post. I also could not decide (and still really contemplate) what the tone of this blog should be- I question what could I possibly say that is worthwhile? Finally, today while still trying to sort it all out, I received some more good news that I could not possibly avoid writing about.

Today an article written by Anthony Richichi featuring my paintings as the latest "Local Artist Spotlight" in the Observation Post hit the news stands. You can find this awesome up and coming paper at a local grocery store located on Broad Street in Glens Falls, in the same plaza as Anytime Fitness and Pizza Jerks. I know it seems a REALLY silly to take that route with the description here but I very much support the Observation Post and hope you'll find their paper however, this other business will remain nameless in my blog for personal reasons. Continuing with good news, the Observation Post will also gladly be carried at LARAC when we resume regular hours after the Holidays.

This article comes out at a good time- my website is finally launched and I am extremely honored to have all my paintings currently on view at Samantha's Cafe which will have their grand opening at their new location on Glen Street, January 7th. The article and showing at Samantha's are teaching me very important lessons about myself and my artwork.

First being I need to be more accepting and appreciative of the works I've created. When Samantha's Cafe and Anthony first asked me about participating, I hesitated...I pondered common artists fears- "the work has been seen because I've shown these pieces or I really haven't had time to create as much as I would like so the work could be better". However with both scenarios both parties helped me realize more of my value as an artist and the value of my artworks in storage. I was reminded of what I have to offer and that the work is meant to be enjoyed by others not wrapped in plastic in my studio.

It is incredibly easy to get caught up in all the 'artist doubts' because it's you and your works all the time- they dance around in my mind from start to finish and long after. I'm haunted by all their potentials and imperfections- the work never feels finished because when a work is finished that just means it's time to move on, start a new work.

Something finished is also the result of an upcoming show, I question how often I would deem something done if not for a deadline and that's my athletic days coming back to me. I create similarly to the way I trained- I absolutely loved being an athlete but ultimately I trained to compete. I'm not one to work without a goal which is another way to describe it and I also do not involve myself with activities that I do not have a real passion for. I really do not know any other way to live, when I do something I'm committed to it, I'm loyal, and I know I'm extremely fortunate to be able to do that- though it comes with plenty of sacrifices.

It's important to embrace opportunities because you never know who will read that article, see your work, and with the amazing world of technology artists are more visible than ever- so you never know what will come of it. Placing both opportunities in perspective you have to consider "what have you got to loose"? Something Ben says to me constantly!

I've already gained so much- my works are hanging in a place were they are truly appreciated, I installed the works with my father which provided us with a reason to spend some extra time together, the article provided me with a platform to formulate my thoughts and place things in persepctive, and thanks to Anthony, I have the amazing opportunitiy to share thoughts about my life that are extremely important to me.

All in all, these opportunities also highlight what it is like to be an artist living in this community- how very special, supportive, and unique it is- it's a great time to be living and creating here and I have so many reasons why, that I'll save for my many blog posts to come.

So if you happen to be walking around Downtown Glens Falls pop into Samantha's Cafe's new location- try their amazing food and enjoy some art or if while you're grabbing your groceries give the Observation Post a try, it's written by some great people in our community.

In closing- if you're an artist reading this, get your artwork out of your studio and stop judging yourself so harshly, you are appreciated by so many!

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